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Today, every business needs a website. For more and more people, access to the Internet via computer, laptop or smartphone means that the place your potential clients search for the businesses they need is the Internet, not the Yellow Pages. If you do not have an Internet presence, potential clients are going to find your competition before they find you.

Having your own website means you are immediately accessible to potential customers searching on Google, or any other search engine, plus you make it easy for people to find you by including Google Maps and other contact information on your site.

You can also provide a simple way for potential clients to contact you via a website form that delivers their message to you email-box. If you have an e-commerce site, you can offer your products for sale directly on the web so people can shop from home. This also gives you the advantage of a potentially world-wide client base.


Graphics are a vital part of any website - it is the graphics and overall layout of the site that encourages passers-by to stop and read your message. A website wi8thout graphics would not rate a second glance, and it's also true that bad grasphics can drive visitors away. Any website needs the input of a good graphic designer,


Hosting brings the whole package together. There are definite advantages to hosting with your designer, because it makes the ongoing management of your website a lot easier for both of you. We offer hosting with one of the top US companies on the net. Their general hosting service is first class, and they have been rated for several years as the top blog hosting company on the Internet.

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