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  • Flash Headers. Flash in headers can bring life to the prime real-estate on website pages, making all the difference to the visitor's first impressions. Most effective are slideshows of images relevant to the site's content, which works especially well with travel and tourism sites or with products that lend themselves to lush photography. The subtle use of Flash in headers can make the site feel "lived in", rather than giving the impression of a deserted store-front, but it pays not to go overboard, or you may compromise loading time of the most crucial part of your page.

  • Flash Movies. Flash movies can be extremely efficient if there is a story to be told. It's the old adage of "A picture is worth a thousand words", and some excellent Flash movies leave the information etched more vividly in the viewer's mind than pages of informative text could ever do. These movies are best used as part of the Information Resources on a site, maybe linked in a prominent way to draw the visitor's attention. Examples are product information movies or movies that explain the history of a business or product line.

  • Flash Intros. Flash "Intro Pages" on the other hand can be a deterrent - more and more visitors are clicking away from the long, repetitive, hyped-up Flash extravaganzas that were so popular when Flash technology and improved bandwiths first made them a viable proposition. While some people may be more easily persuaded by a movie, many these days are simply put off by the hype.
Below are some samples of Flash Header Images from our portfolio.

Here's a little Header story.................designed to fit within a larger header format :

Another Header element.................also fitting within a larger header format :

This Header element also fits inside a larger header format :

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